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Nebulizer Treatment

Nebulizer Treatment

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What is a nebulizer treatment, and why do so many rescued cats need them?

While at our partner municipal shelters, many cats and kittens develop upper respiratory infections, aka kitty colds.

Once we pull cats with kitty colds and place them in foster care most of them recover quickly, but some take longer than others. The cats in our care need to be healthy in order to go to adoption centers at our retail partners and find their forever homes. If a kitten is sitting in a foster home sick, she cannot be adopted. The longer she stays in foster care, the fewer cats we can pull from the euthanasia list to take her spot.

Nebulizers help a great deal when it comes to getting over a URI. They are used to help cats and kittens breathe better when they are all stuffed up. If a cat can't breathe, she stops eating because she will only eat what she can smell. And not eating certainly doesn't help a sick kitty.

Most cats like it - it's like a cool mist with a special cocktail of medication we get from the vet. Kind of like a kitty humidifier but with cool air instead of hot air. They are actually designed for people and used for the same reasons.

Each treatment averages $9. Level up to quantity 7 and cover an entire week's worth of treatments for a sick kitty.

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